Nighthold Wrap-up with Jetjaguar

The Nighthold was the final instance of this raid tier, and with it came new challenges, roster changes, and for some guilds, a chance to prove themselves.  I went on Twitter and asked what questions you had for Limit, and talked to our GM, Jet about these topics and more!

How did Nighthold compare to  EN/TOV in terms of preparation?

We were better prepared for Nighthold moreso than any other raid in this expansion so far. Several players, months before the instance release, sat together and planned out strategies for encounters and discussed optimal comps. This was something we didn’t really do as much for EN or ToV.

How did you feel about the boss fights in this raid? What was your favorite/least favorite?

The raid was pretty good, though I would probably not put it in my top 5. Favorite boss fight was Elisande, least favorite was Star Augur.

After the Helya exploit drama, did you feel like you had something to prove going into Nighthold?

Absolutely. We felt like we had put ourselves out there as a punching bag for a ton of guilds and we knew we had to really prove ourselves. I’d say that the fiasco in ToV was the primary motivator to do well for almost every member of our guild.

Your roster had some challenges shortly before and during progression, picking up several new members, and losing a veteran healer. Did that concern you and how do you keep morale high and finish strong in the face of such challenges?  Did it affect your ability to use the comps you preferred?

There was some momentary concern with losing a healer in the middle of progression, but for the most part we handled it very well and had some contingency plans in place if things really went badly. As far as dealing with the newer members, we did not have many problems circulating players in and out to see play time.

When you are doing the grueling grind to clear Mythic for the first time, what kind of music do you like to listen to? Or are you only listening to voice chat to keep your full focus on the raid?

I am all about vaporwave during progression. I listen to the same Spotify playlist every progression tier.

Why do you think so many guilds have disbanded? Is it simply the AP grind as many have speculated or are there other factors that come into play? What does this mean for Limit, is there a guild disband incoming?

It would be hard for me to speculate the reasons for guilds disbanding or cutting down hardcore hours. It’s always easy to project your own problems with the game onto big name guilds that throw in the towel so I don’t really want to do that. I am sure that on some level, it is a combination of many factors ranging from the state of the game to the changing priorities of the players themselves. As far as what the specifics are, you would have to ask those guilds themselves.

As of now, Limit has no plans of exploding so you guys won’t have to worry about that!

Will you plan to increase your hours for Tomb of Sargeras or are you happy with your progress in Nighthold?

That’s something we’ll talk about as ToS comes closer. I am personally pretty happy with what we already invest into a progression tier and I would be surprised at but won’t rule out the possibility of pushing more hours. More than likely though, we will keep doing what we’ve been doing.

For someone who is interested in applying to a guild like Limit, what do you typically look for in an applicant?

Good attitude and willingness to make the commitment are huge factors in applicants. It’s not hard to be good at the game. There are tons of good players out there. You just have to have the full package. Very rarely do we take people straight from applications, but sometimes we will get some good ones. We also take word of mouth about applicants from people they have played with very seriously.

Closing thoughts, shout outs?

I wanna thank the fans for all the support through the tier. Despite our misstep in ToV, we had a lot of support from people all over the community rooting for us to bounce back and that means a lot.

That wraps up our post-progression chat with Jet! I’d like to also give a special thank you to everyone who submitted questions – @aniroel, @aertemisha & @druidouille

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