Twitch Partnership Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that we now have SEVEN additional partnered streamers on Twitch!

Our stream team will be featured on Twitch’s home page on Tuesday, and you can come along as we make the final push for gear before Mythic Emerald Nightmare opens. Come join us on our adventures and ask those final questions before raids open up!

Congratulations goes to:

Preheat Twitch | Twitter

Preheat’s area of expertise is that of the Mage. Tune into his stream to see high-end Mage gameplay on his main, and a slightly lesser geared Mage for his alt!

Soiy Twitch | Twitter

Soiy is well-known for his DPS Warrior gameplay, and you can tune in to see him conqueor the Legion on that as well as Death Knight and Demon Hunter!

Fedor Twitch

Fedor is our resident expert Resto Shaman! To see high-end Shaman (and other healers) gameplay,  tune into Fedor’s stream!

Malicrin Twitch | Twitter

Malicrin is an expert in the ways of the healing Priest. To see him Holy Nova his way across the Broken Isles, be sure to tune in!

Max Twitch | Twitter

Max will be bringing a tank’s point-of-view to the table, playing a variety of classes from his Demon Hunter main to his other tank alts!

Refute Twitch

Refute brings a Resto Druid point-of-view to the stream team, playing that and a variety of alts! Tune in and see what he is up to!

Azorea Twitch | Holyzorea

Azorea streams from a casual member’s perspective, doing Mythic dungeons with the team as well as leads a team that she helps teach to raid!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Twitch for making this opportunity available to us! Please make sure you stop by our team page to see what our other streamers are up to!

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