The Limit Lowdown 7.17.16

Pre-Expansion Patch Coming Tuesday!

The time has come for some of the Legion changes to be put in place in preparation for the new expansion!  On Tuesday class changes and the new wardrobe system are in place, and rewards such as those that come from completing Challenge Mode Dungeons go away!  Wowhead did a great article that lists everything that’s coming, everything that’s going, and everything that’s changing here: Pre-Patch Details

<LIMIT> Gaming House

It’s official!  At the end of July, four of our guild members, MaxSoiyMalicrin, and Xyronic will be moving into a house in Madison, Wisconsin! This will allow them to share living expenses while focusing on taking their gaming and streaming to the next level. They’ve all been streaming more in preparation for the move, so give them a follow on Twitter (links above) to see when they go live and wish them well on their new adventure. This will certainly add a new twist to progression!

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