The Limit Lowdown 7.3.16

Legion Beta Updates

As Legion Beta reaches the late stages of development and tuning, more tips and tricks to go into the expansion are popping up! Our streamers XyronicSoiy, and Malicrin are streaming regularly in an effort to show YOU the fastest way to gear, the best classes to play, and other useful information going into the expansion.  I highly recommend giving them a follow on Twitch to see when they go live so you don’t miss the information.  Right after tonight’s Main Raid, Soiy will be giving away a LEGION BETA KEY in his stream, so you’ll definitely want to tune in for that!

As we become aware of other things you can do to prepare for Legion Achievements etc, keep an eye on our Twitter for quick tips.  For example, those who wish to pursue the “Fabulous” title can do so on day 1 of the new expansion, and we’ve got you covered with shirt vendors to help you reach the goal! We’ll post more helpful hints as we come across them.

Finally, we do have several Legion Beta keys that we’ll be giving out over the next week via our Twitter, Facebook and streams, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re still hoping for a chance to get in!


With Patch 7.0 expected in late July, the Grove Warden mount from Heroic Archimonde is about to become extinct!  Luckily, Monday night #FriendshipMoose hosted by Xyronic and Azorea have you covered.  Come join us live on stream for your chance to get the mount at no cost!  We will not be running this Monday (July 4th) because of the Holiday, but will be running every Monday & Thursday until it goes away. We’re also working on some more Saturday runs to help those who can’t make it on week nights! For questions regarding this, you can join the Horde #FriendshipMoose Discord HERE

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